Oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture in Oil


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Oysters produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, have been finished with a special cooking method that preserves the original crisp texture of oyster
We cook large oysters produced in Hiroshima Prefecture using a special cooking method, giving it a crisp texture and flavor that cannot be found in canning or bottling. For the underflavor, we use the original “dashi soy sauce” made with no additives. It firmly brings out the original taste of oyster. Just open the bag and enjoy it as a snack that fits your wine. No chemical seasonings or preservatives. Just open the bag and put it on for a stylish item. The leftover oil can be dipped in the bucket and consumed with a little potato salad etc. In addition, we recommend using oyster with oil and oyster for luxurious pasta

■ Ingredients: Oyster garlic oil for white wine, pickled (from Hiroshima prefecture), edible rapeseed sauce, Japanese sake, mirin, hot sugar, kombu, bonito sode, garlic, laurel, red chili pepper, black pepper, (some of the raw materials include soy and wheat), pickled olive oil, suitable for red wine. Soy sauce, Japanese sake. San-heating sugar, mirin, kombu, bonito bonito bonito (some of the ingredients include soybeans, wheat); Standard: Oyster garlic oil that fits white wine; 3.5 oz (100 g) x 2; Smoked oyster olive oil (3.5 oz (90 g) x 20.0 x 20.0 x 20.0 cm); Shelf Life: 90 cm). Allergen Indication: Wheat, Soy; Delivery Temperature Range: Refrigerated; Note: Packaging shape, design, material, etc. may be subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.


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