Kameda Seika Kameda’s colorful OKAKI


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We have prepared a combination of arare and rice crackers to fully enjoy the deliciousness of rice confectionery, which is particular about its rich flavor.[Package size]

3 x 12g shrimp nori rice cake, 2 x 7 pieces of sweet potato cake, 1 x 14 pieces of fried honey, 6 x 6 pieces of seaweed roll rice cake, 2 x salad soy sauce, 8 x black soybean kaki-mochi, 2.5g x 10, salad komi-mochi 2.6g x 10, soup stock salt, 2 x seaweed roll arare

Eggs, Wheat and shrimp

[Country of origin]

[Package type]

[How to Save]
room temperature

[Expiration date]
approximately 150 days from the date of manufacture


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