Chugoku Shikoku Limited Happy Turn, Setouchi Lemon Flavor


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Brand 瀬戸内ブランド
Flavor Setouchi Lemon
Unit Count 20 袋
Package Information Bag
Item Weight 190 Grams
Item Package Quantity 1
Color yellow
Number of Pieces 20
Package Weight 0.2 KilogramsProduct description
Happy Turn Setouchi Lemon Flavor, 20 Bags

Rice (non-glutinous rice (made in USA and Japan), glutinous rice (from Thailand), vegetable oil, sugar, starch, protein hydrolyzate (includes soybeans), salt, honey powder, milk etc., yeast extract, lemon powder (100% lemon from Hiroshima prefecture), powdered oil, processed starch, flavoring, acidulant, plant lecithin (soythin (soy). sucrose), seasoning (amino acid)


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