【10 pac】Medicinal Bath Salt Meiyu Travel Noboribetsu (Hokkaido)


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The famous hot spring, which even demons living in hell come to visit, has many attractions such as hot spring, inn and inn

size and capacity
Content: 25g

Dried Na sulfate, Na hydrogen carbonate, potassium chloride, citrus extract, peony extract, perfume

(Effects and Effects)
neuralgia, fatigue recovery, back pain, coldness, rheumatism, stiff shoulders, shingles, uchimi, sprain, dryness, heat rash, acne , crack , chappedness before and after childbirth , hemorrhoids

Made in Japan

(Precautions for Use)
·This product is different from the quality and efficacy of hot springs, as you can enjoy the feeling of hot springs.
·There is no sulfur in the bathtub or the bathtub.
·After use, wash the filter inside the bath pot and circulation hole with water.


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